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Consumer Advisory

GSK Consumer Healthcare advises consumers to visually inspect Buckley’s Syrups before consuming.

When used as directed, Buckley’s Syrup is safe to use. We have identified a quality defect with the seal, which in certain circumstances may fall into the bottle and if not observed, may be swallowed; thereby creating a potential choking risk.

To avoid the risk, when you measure out the appropriate dose in your spoon or dosing cup, check for a 17mm clear plastic disc before consuming. This thin plastic disc is non-toxic and should be removed before consuming the product. Do not consume the product directly from the bottle.

As a precautionary measure, we are voluntarily removing all Buckley’s Syrup from retail shelves, in collaboration with Health Canada.

Please note that Buckley’s Jack and Jill, Buckley’s Caplets, Buckley’s Liquid Gels, and Buckley’s Lozenge are NOT affected by this issue.

We are working to address this issue and to put in place the appropriate corrective and preventative actions and restore supply of Buckley’s Syrup.

For more information about the voluntary recall or any other questions about Buckley’s products, please contact our Consumer Relations team at 1-800-250-8866.



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